Smart Automation is an international consulting and engineering company that serves clients across the energy, industry and infrastructure sectors. Smart Automation deliver an excellent skill of consulting and management of turnkey applications. These include consulting, design, project management and contract work.

By applying strong experience in design and implementation capability, Smart Automation help ensure projects are completed in time. In addition, targets of sustainability, safety, quality and cost efficiency are reached.  

By applying latest technology and innovative products in projects, Smart Automation ensures their clients achieve remarkable cost savings.  Sustainable solutions also create positive company image that clients and other key stakeholders find interesting, credible and reliable.


Smart solutions for project management

Smart Automation engineers have experience of developing software and hardware solutions for a wide range of industries. This experience allows them to recommend solutions that best fit to client’s needs. Solutions can be subsequently developed by Smart Automation or client. Our engineers can develop hardware or software solutions on-site, or provide breakdown assistance and backup. We can supply both technicians and engineers.

Hardware & Software Solutions

We provide Industrial PC, PLC, I/O and drive systems, with full support and workshop backup. Smart Automation provide advanced, open automation products based upon proven technologies so that customers can implement high performance control systems faster and at a lower overall cost than traditional PLC and Motion Control systems.

Automation Technology Product range includes:

  • Industrial PCs
  • Automation Controllers
  • MMI’s and Control Panels
  • I/O (IP20 and IP67)
  • LAN and Fieldbus Networks including Profibus, Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, ModBus etc
  • SCADA Software Configuration and Development

We offer complete packages including control panels, drive systems, installation, networks, field installation and commissioning.

Project Development & Management

Smart Automation can integrate solutions ranging from small standalone projects to larger capital development projects with an European partner. Our project management system allows projects to be developed and monitored in a controlled and structured way. Progress on major projects can be monitored online. This helps to ensure, that

  • Projects are development in a structured way
  • Potential problems are identified as quickly as possible
  • Modifications and problems are documented
  • Project progress information is available to customer and developers alike

Turnkey Applications

  • Water and waste water plant control
  • Factory automation, including pipe bending, high speed wrapping, process control, manufacture of product
  • Monitoring and data logging
  • Building Management (BMS) and ‘Intelligent Building’ Systems

Project Startup & Functional Design Specification

Developing a successful Automation Control project includes following steps:

  • Project control and documentation audit
  • Initial contact with the customer, on site if required
  • Initial investigation, including-
     Site inspection and survey
     Interview with engineers or operators
     Review of engineering documentation and drawings
  • Identification of key goals and milestones for the project development
  • Creation of user requirement spesification
  • Agreement of customer review meetings
  • Management of modification requests
  • Creation of functional design spesification
  • Solution proposal for current problem
  • Setting of realistic and measurable targets and milestones

Energy Inspection & Analysis

Boosting energy efficiency with the help of energy inspection

Smart Automation has conducted numerous energy inspections and energy consumption analyses in various industrial and commercial buildings. Analysis can include extensive and detailed energy efficiency analysis. In short, energy inspection reveals the usage of energy and water as well as the functionality and operation of HVAC-system. With the help of analysis data, focal building energy performance is verified and practical recommendations for improving energy efficiency can be suggested. As a result, remarkable cost savings can be reached.