Smart solutions for building automation and energy efficiency


Smart Automation was founded in 2005  by group of experts carrying degrees of PhD, MSc and BSc. Smart Automation is an international company owned by CEO Sami Abdelhamid. He is a recognised expert on building automation and energy efficiency. In 2012, he started a business also in Finland, on the area of building energy efficiency. He has a long career in analysing, designing and consulting on the relevant field. He is a member of FEANI no.29630 (European Federation of National Engineering Association). He has also conducted research regarding energy consumption and computerized monitoring of automated systems as well as service life prediction system of buildings and measurement of building humidity. He has also participated NewBEE, a project co-financed by the EU, which aimed to develop advanced methodology and supporting ICT system to promote energy efficient retrofitting of buildings. Sami Abdelhamid has also been rewarded by Schneider Electric regarding developing an energy saving module for building automation SW.

Smart Automation Oy

Since its founding, Smart Automation has grown fast and gained visibility among key industrial and building automation players in Finland. Company has completed several energy and building automation projects in large buildings and real estates. Smart Automation has also co-operated with Finnish export companies to help them reach markets in Middle-East.

Increasingly more investors realize that social and environmental factors have an impact on the value of a real estate property, and there is growing interest in sustainable buildings. Smart Automation focuses on environmental management around industrial and building automation. By consulting, planning and managing projects Smart Automation ensures its customers fulfil regulatory compliance and gain efficient management of energy, water and other resources.


Smart Automation has grown fast and gained visibility among key industrial and building automation players in Finland.

Smart Automation has delivered various projects on large building energy analysis, energy reviews, energy efficiency, energy monitoring, energy usage optimization, emission measurement, smart reporting, building automation and air quality.

Smart Automation invests in continuous product development, also in cooperation with real estate owners, management and users. By doing so, it is able to respond on real estate management needs and requirements on both short and long run. Within real estate energy efficiency projects, Smart Automation attends projects with domestic and international organisations such as VTT, TEKES and European Union.